25 Best UPSC Questions on Ancient History

Previous year UPSC Questions on Ancient History for Prelims Exam Preparation. 25 UPSC Questions on Ancient History Part 1 These 25 UPSC Questions on Ancient History helps you in preparing for the Preliminary Exam Previous Year UPSC questions on Ancient History Q.1 The Word ‘Hindu’ as reference to the people of Hind (India) was first … Read more

20 most Important Articles Of Indian Constitution Asked in UPSC SSC Exams – StudyParikshaJobs

articles of indian constitution Study Pariksha

 List of 20 Most Important Articles of indian Constitution Asked in UPSC, SSC and Other Govt Exams   Article 1 to 4 – The union and it’s territory   Article 19 –  Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech   Article 21 –  Protection of life and personal Liberty   Article 25 – Freedom of … Read more

Magadha Empire UPSC Best Detail Notes 2021

Magadha Empire UPSC Notes Political Condition of India in the 6th Century AD- Ancient History ( UPSC Questions )   After the fall of the Gupta Empire there was the absence of such a central and universal supreme power in the country which could succeed in uniting the country. Political unity totally disappeared and there … Read more