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20 most Important Articles Of Indian Constitution Asked in UPSC SSC Exams – StudyParikshaJobs

 List of 20 Most Important Articles of indian Constitution Asked in UPSC, SSC and Other Govt Exams

Important articles of Indian Constitution
  • Article 1 to 4 – The union and it’s territory
  • Article 19 –  Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech
  • Article 21 –  Protection of life and personal Liberty
  • Article 25 – Freedom of conscience and free profession practice of Religion
  • Article 29 – Protection of Interests of Minorities
  • Article 32 – Constitutional Remedies for enforcement of Rights
  • Article 44 – Uniform Civil Code for the Citizens
  • Article 51A – Fundamental Duties
  • Article 63 – The  Vice President of India
  • Article 76 – Attorney General For India
  • Article 110 – Defination of Money Bills
  • Article 112 – Financial Budget
  • Article 148 – Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • Article 243-P to 243-ZG – The municipalities
  • Article 324 – Election commission
  • Article 370 – Jammu kashmir special status
  • Article 15 – Prohibition of discrimination on certain grounds of religion caste sex or place of birth
  • Article 52 – President of India
  • Article 93 – Speaker of Lok sabha
  • Article 368 – Constitutional amendment
Here are 20 most important Articles of Indian Constitution which was repeatedly asked in UPSC and SSC exams. Most of the times questions were asked on these articles, after analysing previous year papers these 20 articles asked most of the times and if you learn these 20 articles then you will attempt almost all Questions related to the polity section.
Hope you do well in your upcoming exams our wishes are always with you, prepare smart and in a better way as we know we can’t focus on every points of the syllabus that’s why we compiled the 20 most asked questions by the Examiners.

Articles of Indian Constitution

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