Best Tughlaq Dynasty UPSC Notes (1320-1412 AD)

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Detailed Tughlaq Dynasty UPSC Notes – Tughlaq Dynasty Rulers | Founder of Tughlaq Dynasty Tughlaq Dynasty was a Muslim Dynasty of Turkic origin. After the death of Alauddin Khilji the Delhi Sultanate was Ruled by Khusro khan last ruler of Khilji Dynasty. Khusro khan originally was a Hindu slave who forcefully converted to Islam and … Read more

Best Khilji Dynasty Notes For UPSC Exam 2023

Important Khilji Dynasty Notes For UPSC and SSC Exam In this topic we will discuss about The Important rulers of Khilji Dynasty, First ruler of Khilji dynasty and The Alauddin Khilji Empire. This is the Second Dynasty after The Slave Dynasty which ruled on the Throne of Delhi. Khilji Dynasty was a Turko-Afghan Dynasty which … Read more

Slave Dynasty Notes For SSC Exams 2023

Important Slave Dynasty Notes For Exam Preparation Slave Dynasty Notes – After Muhammad Ghori Death all the Muslim rulers who Ruled over India From AD 1206-1290 were Either Slaves or were descendants of the slave ruler. So the dynasty is generally known as The Slave Dynasty. The dynasty is also called Ilbari dynasty, as all … Read more