Important Kushana Dynasty UPSC Notes 2023

Best Notes on Kushana Dynasty for Upcoming UPSC Exam Preparation. We covers all the Important Kushan Empire Rulers And their Achievements. The Legacy of Kushana Dynasty | Kushan Empire The Kushanas were also Referred as Yueh-Chis ( Moon Tribe ) or Tocharians, who were one of the five clans ( Kuei-shang ) into which the … Read more

Important Kalinga War of Ashoka Notes 2022

Detailed History of Kalinga War of Ashoka. Important UPSC Notes for Preparation, Empire Ashoka Policies reforms and Smarat Ashoka Empire Map Kalinga War of Ashoka Empire After the death of his father Ashoka ascended the throne of Patliputra. On account of his great achievements he is considered to be one of the most glorious emperors … Read more

Important Indus Valley Civilization UPSC 2023

Detailed Indus Valley Civilization UPSC Notes for Exam – Origin of Harappan Civilization ( 2500-1750 BC ) These are the Best detailed Indus valley civilization UPSC Notes for covering everything for exam. Introduction of Indus Valley Civilization The Indus valley civilization also Known as the Indus Civilization is one of the four Earliest Civilizations of … Read more

Best Khilji Dynasty Notes For UPSC Exam 2023

Important Khilji Dynasty Notes For UPSC and SSC Exam In this topic we will discuss about The Important rulers of Khilji Dynasty, First ruler of Khilji dynasty and The Alauddin Khilji Empire. This is the Second Dynasty after The Slave Dynasty which ruled on the Throne of Delhi. Khilji Dynasty was a Turko-Afghan Dynasty which … Read more

Magadha Empire UPSC Best Detail Notes 2021

Magadha Empire UPSC Notes Political Condition of India in the 6th Century AD- Ancient History ( UPSC Questions )   After the fall of the Gupta Empire there was the absence of such a central and universal supreme power in the country which could succeed in uniting the country. Political unity totally disappeared and there … Read more

Magadha Empire UPSC notes best 2021(Haryanaka Dynasty)

magadha empire upsc notes Study Pariksha

 Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire UPSC notes ( Indian History Notes) SSC & Railway – UPSC Notes Haryanaka Dynasty : 544 BC – 412 BC   1. Bimbisara ( Shronika ) – 544 BC – 492 BC   He was the founder of Haryanaka Dynasty Magadha came into prominence under the leadership of Bimbisara. … Read more

17 Important Battles in The History of India Static GK for SSC

magadha empire upsc notes Study Pariksha

 Important Battles In Indian History For SSC Exam         1. Battle of Hydaspes   Year : 326 BC Battle Between : Alexander and Porus Won by : Alexander Significance: Fought on the bank of the Jhelum which is called ‘hydaspes’ in Greek Opened relations Between India and the west.   2. Kalinga … Read more