20 Best SSC History Important Questions

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Top 20 SSC History Important Questions Asked in Exam- Static GK

SSC history important questions for SSC MCQ

"ssc history Important Questions"
Q.1 The University which became Famous in the post-Gupta Era Was?
A) Kanchi
B) Taxila
C) Nalanda
D) Vallabhi
Right Answer is – Nalanda
Q.2  Banabhatta was the court poet of which emperor?
A) vikaramditya
B) kumaragupta
C) Harshavardhana
D) Kanishka
Right answer – Harshavardhana
Q.3 Mahabalipuram was Founded by
A) Rajaraja chola
B) Narshimha Varman
C) Chandragupta Maurya
D) vivasvan
Right answer is – Narsimha Varman
Q.4  The title ‘ Indian Napoleon’ has been attached to
A) Chandragupta Maurya
B) Samundra Gupta
C) Chandragupta- 1
D) Harshavardhana
Right answer is – Samundragupta
Q.5  During which Gupta king’s reign did the Chinese traveller Fa – hien visit India ?
A) Chandragupta-1
B) Samundragupta
C) Chandragupta-II
D) kumara gupta
Right answer is – Chandragupta – II
Q.6  The Greek ambassador sent to Chandragupta Maurya’s court was : 
A) Kautilya
B) seleucus Nicator
C) Megasthenes
D) Justin
Right answer is – Megasthenes
Q.7 Arthashastra was written by 
A) Dhanananda
B) Kautilya
C) Bimbisara
D) pushyamitra
Right answer is – Kautilya
Q.8 Alexander and Porus fought a battle at 
A) Hydaspes
B) Jhelum
C) Panipat
D) Tarain 
Right answer is- Hydaspes
Q.9 Buddha Gave his first religious message at 
A) Rajagriha
B) Pataliputra
C) Gaya
D) Sarnath
Right answer is – Sarnath
Q.10 The Gupta Era was started by whom?
A) Ghatotkacha
B) Srigupta
C) Chandragupta- I
D) Samundragupta
Right answer is – Srigupta
Q.11 Which ruler Founded the famous Vikramshila University for the Buddhists?
A) Mahipala
B) Devapala
C) Gopala
D) Dharampala
Right answer is – Dharampala
Q.12 Which of the following was the capital of chola kings ?
A) Kanchi
B) Tanjore
C) Madurai
D) Trichirapally
Right answer is – Tanjore
Q.13. Who built the famous Konark sun temple?
A) Harshavardhana
B) Narsimhadeva -I
C) kapilendra Deva
D) Purushottam Dev
Right answer is – Narsimhadeva I
Q.14. Which of the following dynasties was associated with Aihole Inscription?
A) Parmar Dynasty
B) Chalukya Dynasty
C) Chola Dynasty
D) Rashtrakuta Dynasty
Right answer is – Chalukya Dynasty
Q.15  Varahmihira is
A) An astronaut
B) A space shuttle
C) A power station
D) An ancient Astronomer
Right answer is – An ancient Astronomer
Q.16. Where was the first Buddhist council held ? 
A) Vaishali
B) kashmir
C) Rajagriha
D) Pataliputra
Right answer is – Rajagriha
Q.17. What is ‘ Milindapanho’ ?
A) A Buddhist place
B) one of the names of Buddha
C) A Buddhist specimen of art
D) A Buddhist text
Right answer is- A Buddhist text
Q.18. Who among the following Built the Sanchi stupa ? 
A) Ashoka
B) Gautam Buddha
C) Cholas
D) Pallavas 
Right answer is- Ashoka
Q.19. When did the best Productions of Gandhara Sculpture appear ? 
A) Mauryan Period
B) Kushan period
C) Gupta period 
D) Harsha period 
Right answer is- Kushan Period
Q.20. Buddha , Dhamma and sangha together are known as 
A) Triratna
B) Trivarga
C) Trisarga
D) Trimurti
Right answer is – Triratna
Here are the 20 SSC history Important Questions which were repetitive asked by the SSC and Railway. You can take screenshots of these and prepare yourself better for the exam.
In static GK portion sometimes indian history seems to be tough when it comes to remember the battle year and famous quotes by some great scholars but SSC Exam pattern shows that they continue to asked same questions on a random basis just to trick the students so these are the 20 Questions which were repeatedly asked by the SSC history important questions
We just started the QUESTION BANK  series and for now you can get more questions on this topic in the future. For more information please follow us. And check out the best ssc exam preparation books on our website to help you in upcoming exams.

20 important ssc Questions of Gupta Empire check full summary

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