100+ Best Modern History UPSC Questions for Prelims 2024

Are You Preparing for the Upcoming UPSC Prelims 2024 Examination. Test Your Knowledge with these Modern History UPSC Questions and Get ahead of the competition. These Modern History UPSC questions Helps you to cover important topics for the Examination. Modern History UPSC Questions for Preliminary Exam 2024 Who was the Governor-General of India during the … Read more

20 Best SSC History Important Questions

ssc history important questions Study Pariksha

Top 20 SSC History Important Questions Asked in Exam- Static GK SSC history important questions for SSC MCQ Q.1 The University which became Famous in the post-Gupta Era Was?   A) Kanchi B) Taxila C) Nalanda D) Vallabhi   Right Answer is – Nalanda   Q.2  Banabhatta was the court poet of which emperor?   … Read more