E Shram Card is a beneficial card which is launched by Govt and is available to the various unorganised workers

What is e shram card ?

Objectives of e-Shram Portal

1. Creation of a Centralized Database of all Unorganized Workers  Including Street vendors, Domestic Workers

Who Can Register in e-Shram Portal ?

Any worker who is a home based worker or a wage salary worker

1. Aadhar Card 2. Mobile Number Linked with Aadhar   3. Savings Bank account

e Shram Card Eligibility Criteria

2. You must have an Aadhar card number issued by the Government 3. The Age of Beneficiary should be between 16-59 years

e Shram Card Benefits for Unorganised Worker

1. Accidental Insurance of Rs 2 Lakh is available in the E shram card Scheme

Is there any Fee Charge for the Registration?

Registration on e Shram Portal is Free. Workers are not Required to Pay any Charges to any Registering Entity.

What is UAN Number ?

UAN (Universal Account Number) is a 12 Digits Number Assigned to Each Unorganized Worker after Registration on E shram Portal.

Apply Online For E shram Card With your Aadhar Number