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Best SSC UPSC History Notes For Preparation

SSC UPSC History Notes Static Gk for Exam

Ancient History Notes for SSC UPSC Banking and Railway Exam Preparation. Ancient History Notes on Indus valley civilization rigveda. Aryan Invasion, Paleolithic Age Neolithic age and Stone age Upsc notes for detailed information useful for Mains UPSC examination.

Start Preparation of Medieval History for UPSC SSC examination. Best upsc history notes of Medieval History detailed questions and answers for mains exam. it comprises of Mughal empire notes, delhi sultanate, History of Marathas, Rajputs of Mewar, battle of Panipat, and Vijaynagar Empire kingdom.

Modern history is the most important part of Indian history which includes freedom struggle and demand for independence. British Governor generals of British India and East india company rule and regulation acts. Mahatma Gandhi protests and Movements. Bhagat singh conspiracy case.

Preparation of World history for UPSC SSC examination. World history long answer questions. French revolution, World war 1 second and World war II short notes MCQ and previous year papers for preparing world history.

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